How can I enter?

To enter a product or products into the World Alcohol-Free Awards, you first need to register your name and company details. It takes less than five minutes!

If you’ve already registered, or entered drinks before, then you can sign in to amend details, add products and see your results.

Choosing a category

We understand that the zero-abv space is a complex and ever-changing landscape, so rest assured that we have worked incredibly hard to ensure that there is a tasting category for whatever you are making.

The categories we have created are designed to ensure that similar products are tasted together – they will not have any impact on the awarding of any medals. For instance, if your product is marketed as an alternative to wine, but is made by fermenting tea with a SCOBY, you should enter it in the Kombucha category – but, if our tasters felt it was exceptional it could still win a trophy for being the best wine alternative.

If you have queries about where to enter one of your products, contact us below.

Is price a factor?

Entering the price of your products is not compulsory. But you’ll need to include that information if you want to be considered for any Great Value awards.

The price required is unit price (per bottle, per can etc) based on purchasing a pallet ex-works.

Is any consideration given for organic, vegan products etc?

Yes. There’s a section on the entry form where you can select any Special Attributes, such as organic, halal, vegan, gluten-free and so on.

Once you have finalised your entry, go to the Checkout section of your Entry Dashboard. Each entry costs £149 +VAT. Alternatively, you can pay in US dollars - $190/entry or Euros - €190/entry.

What awards can entered products win?