What is the World Alcohol-Free Awards?

The name pretty much says it all! But, in a nutshell, the World Alcohol-Free Awards is the only drinks competition dedicated solely to drinks of 0.5% ABV and below.

In the World Alcohol-Free Awards, we don’t judge conventional wines, spirits or beers – not even ‘low alcohol’ versions – only products that meet the globally-understood standard of alcohol-free.

And because these products – your products - are different, our competition is different too.

You’ll find more details in our Why Should I Enter page. But essentially, the whole judging process – from the categorisation of the drinks, through judging to the final awards and trophies – is geared around the particular needs of this dynamic and fast-growing category.

No distractions, no compromises, just 100% focus on the world under 0.5% ABV.

Alcohol-free – it’s what we do…
Why should I enter?