Why should I enter?

The alcohol-free category is the most exciting part of the drinks’ world: complex, dynamic and always changing.

So we think it deserves a competition that can understand these complexities and keep pace with them. One that treats alcohol-free drinks with the same dedication that you do, whether you make them, sell them or write about them.

Here are seven magnificent ways that the World Alcohol-Free Awards is genuinely different.

  • From spirits and RTDs to sparkling tea, or CBD sodas to red wines, the World Alcohol-Free Awards has entry categories that work for you - and that will adapt as you do.
  • Uniquely, we offer submitters the chance to choose from a range of mixers. So your drink will be tasted the way it’s meant to be.
  • It is judged by experts in the field: writers and influencers, supermarket and airline buyers, bar and restaurant owners. These are people who don’t just understand your products, but can promote, list and sell them. Getting your drinks in front of our tasters is amazing exposure in itself.
  • We give out trophies for drinks that go the extra mile to work in harmony with the planet and its people. Great news if you have a product that’s organic, vegan, halal, gluten-free or ethical.
  • As well as a comprehensive marketing kit to help you make the most of your winning bottles (see Promoting Your Products), our website has full results and analysis of the key trends and star performers.
  • Our top medal and trophy winners will be the centrepiece of the World Alcohol-Free Awards’ presence at key European drinks trade exhibitions.
  • In short, everything we do is designed to raise awareness of the category and help you to gain publicity and listings.

The World Alcohol-Free Awards - Celebrating Different
What Can I Enter?