Alex Norwood-Hill

After working as a mixologist on both sides of the Atlantic in the 1990s Alex settled into corporate hospitality before 'an aha moment' saw him choose alc-free and set up Sober Sommelier in 2017. A leading influencer in the alcohol-free space, he consults for brands, curates events and runs master classes - and has even featured in Hello! magazine and Cosmopolitan.

He's a big fan of the bitters category, describing it as the most innovative space in the low and low drinks arena. 'The unique flavour profiles, high quality ingredients and stunning mouth-feel on offer now deliver an exceptional experience that can match any liquid in the alcohol and alcohol-free space,' he says.

A certified Reiki Master and Crystal healer, Alex has created activating AF cocktails infused with crystal energy and sacred spring water at his Conscious Cocktail pop-up events in Shoreditch. But when it comes to judging at the World Alcohol-Free Awards in 2024, he is most looking forward to seeing how wines and 'wine moment' drinks stack up - an area where he thinks big improvements and lots of innovation are really paying off.