Gemma Mills

Gemma is founder and CEO of the JOMO Club. She launched the business in 2020 following her own discovery of the great quality alternatives to alcohol, and her mission is to make the best alcohol-free spirits accessible to UK drinkers through monthly cocktail boxes. Helping drinkers become sober, stay sober or drink more mindfully, JOMO's mission is to normalise not drinking, and Gemma has led cocktail classes across the UK for everything from members clubs to large corporates and at events such as the Mindful Drinking Festival.

Gemma has tried hundreds of alcohol-free drinks over the last few years, and is really enthused by the growth of the sector. 'I'm most excited by great tasting spirits that are low in sugar,' she says, 'but also in finding a great-tasting kombucha, since there is a growing interest in gut health.'

Outside work, Gemma is an avid skier, a recent horse rider and has a passion for travelling and discovering new cultures, and she once convinced a whole room in Las Vegas that she was a professional tap dancer after getting excited by a song that came on. 'I can confirm,' she says, 'it was 100% effort and 0% skill...'