Jane Peyton

Jane Peyton is a beer and cider sommelier, educator, writer, and public speaker. Her consultancy business, School of Booze, was named one of the top 100 businesses in the South East of the UK in 2021/22, and in spite of its name she has been a keen observer – and champion – of alcohol-free beers and ciders since 2016, tasting hundreds of them every year.

Always keen to spread the word about beer and cider appreciation, Jane did just that in 2016 when she hosted the world’s largest beer tasting tutorial, for 1,236 people – something which makes her a Guinness World Record holder.

‘When I started working in non-alcohol beer six years ago I could not have imagined then just how dynamic the sector would become,’ she says. ‘I’m particularly excited to try the many creative and unusual variations that come in from all around the world.’