Jerome Cuny

Jerome set up the alcohol-free specialist retail shop La Cave Parallele in Nantes in May 2023, after several years of not drinking and feeling somewhat on the fringes of social occasions. 'Quality alternatives do exist,' he says, 'but I've found that it's still hard to get hold of them. That's where the idea of my alcohol-free cellar came from.'

Jerome is most excited by the NA wine category - 'I'm French after all!' - and is impressed by 'the work of the vines and the expertise of the winemakers. De-alcoholised wines are a new branch of the wine family that's just waiting to be developed,' he says.

In his spare time, Jerome likes to ride horses, play guitar and go scuba diving. He is also on an ongoing quest to find a quality NA sipping whisky. It's one of the reasons why at this year's WAFA judging he's looking forward to tasting the latest additions and creations in the NA spirits world.