Laura Silverman

Laura is an alcohol-free trailblazer, who's been banging the drum for AF drinks since the days when the options available were a fraction of what they are today. She's the founder of Zero Proof Nation a global platform for the world of alcohol-free that highlights the drinks available and the culture surrounding the AF movement. She also serves as Adult Non-Alcoholic Drinks Industry Advisor to The Spearhead Group and helps guide and consult with nonprofits and individuals who are looking to make an impact in the wider landscape. 

Laura is frequently sought after as an industry expert on all things alcohol-free by publications such as Wine Enthusiast, Forbes, America’s Test Kitchen, and the BBC and last year received the 'Leader and Innovator Award' from Sans Bar Academy.

Laura describes herself as a ‘karaoke rockstar’ and as well as belting out tunes at the top of her voice is also excited by the idea of coming back for a second year's judging at the World Alcohol-Free Awards. On the top of her list of favourites for trying this year: beer, aperitifs, tea-based proxies and bitters.

‘But also wine, spirits, RTDs, botanicals and kombuchas,’ she says. ‘Did I mention I love everything?’