Nicolas Medicamento

As the founder of Doctor Cocktail, Nicolas travels the world, participating in spirits competitions, organising cocktail events and generally sharing his passion for hospitality. He first developed an interest in the alcohol-free category while working at The American Bar at The Savoy when he created a non-alcoholic twist on the Cosmopolitan and has remained captivated by it ever since. 'The rapid evolution of this category makes the journey of discovery incredibly exciting,' he says.

Outside work, Nicolas spends a lot of time studying psychology and nutrition, which might come in handy when he's teaching salsa classes but probably has less impact when he's coaching children's football!  He loves experimenting with flavour combinations and loves drinks of depth and complexity with a 'rich and extended flavour journey'. 

In this year's competition he's looking forward to trying bitter aperitifs and mood-enhancing drinks that offer 'a diverse and intriguing range of flavours and experiences.'